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Meet r u NbS at The Nature of Cities festival in Berlin, Germany!

The r u NbS team will be attending and presenting at The Nature of Cities (TNOC) festival in Berlin, Germany, June 3rd-7th!

TNOC Festival is a series of events that aim at bringing together urban thinkers and change-makers to collaborate, learn, present, and to meet each other. Urban regeneration, to build cities that are better for nature and all people by mixing art, science, and urban practice is at the core of the festival. Sessions at the festival include transdisciplinary dialogues, small group workshops, and arts engagements, all aiming at fostering a creative and collaborative spirit around solutions for cities that are better for nature and all people. The 2024 theme of “Action” focuses on translating knowledge from various sources to results on the ground.

The r u NBS team is represented by Joe Mulligan, executive director and founding principal of Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), Franklin Kirimi, landscape architect and NbS specialist, Pascal Mukanga, urban planner and Linnea Nilsson, researcher. The team will be representing the r u NbS team at TNOC and will be sharing the work under r u NBS and others present and past projects focused on the use of NbS and urban nature in urban regeneration and neighbourhood upgrading. The r u NBS team is excited to take part in TNOC activities and the sessions! 


1st Event

Date: Tuesday, June 4 

Time: 02:00pm - 03.30pm (CEST)

Session title: "A radical alternative to drop-down planning: the Rivers and People approach centres people, ecology, culture, and community action to reimagine low income riverine neighbourhoods."

KDI Speaker: Joe Mulligan and Pascal Mukanga

2nd Event

Date: Tuesday June 4, 2024  

Time: 04.00pm - 5.30pm (CEST)

Session title: "Nature-based Solutions in the Global South: Opportunities and limitations in Policy and Practice" 

KDI Co-host: Franklin Kirimi

3rd Event

Date: Thursday, Jun 6, 2024

Time: 11.00 to 12.00pm (CEST)

Session title:  "People-centred approach for nature-sensitive placemaking  African cities: leading from ground up"

KDI Speaker: Franklin Kirimi

4th Event

 Date: Tuesday to Thursday, June 3 to Jun 6, 2024

Time: Throughout

Session title:  "Costing of Co-design Nature-based Solutions vs Grey solutions for water management"

KDI Presenter: Linnea Nilsson

The r u NBS team is looking forward to wonderful conversations and connections with our friends and other like-minded stakeholders to share about our work while also learning from our peers.

Please look out for Pascal Mukanga, Linnea Nilsson, Franklin Kirimi and Joe Mulligan and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Join us on social media @KDI_kenya and @kounkuey as we continue these important conversations online. 

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