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Deep Root Indicators (DRI) and
Project Profile Indicators (PPI)

Deep Root Indicators are 66 detailed indicators co-developed by KDI, CCI, residents, and other
stakeholders. They provide a quantitative overview.

Project Profile Indicators are narrative descriptions of conditions on site according to the categories
developed in the "deep roots" indicators. They provide a qualitative overview.



NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 31.png

stormwater quality

groundwater quality

wastewater quality

runoff: volume/ reduction/ increase/ peak

flood prone areas

estimated/ observed epth to groundwater

water intensity

evapotranspiration variation



NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 32.png

heatwave risk

common air quality index

plant mortality

Plant biomass

land coverage/diversity/resilience

reduction in the amount of solid waste collected

energy intensity of solution 

area of food producing area.



NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 33.png

presence of NBS measures


diffusion to other actors

reclamation of contaminated land

land dedicated to pedestrians

sharing and adopting NBS in community

ecological connectivity/Connectivity of green space

technical compatibility

change in rules and regulations

neighbourhood land use change

perceptions of citizens on urban nature

economic opportunity

NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 34.png

The extent to which the project has contributed to, or inspired, the development of new forms of financing

additional jobs in the green sector 

increased use of local workforce

number of businesses attracted/lost



NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 35.png

operational costs

capital Costs of system

subisidies provided by private funds for NBS

quality of construction

income level of beneficiaries (generalised) relative to average city income

ease of use for end users of the solutions

continued monitoring



NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 36.png

administrative integration

public participation

proposals presented by communities

balanced project team

involvement of city administration

visibility of Results

students involved in projects or research on this project in Kenya, TZ, other countries

clear division of responsibility

professional stakeholder involvement 

local community involvement in planning phase

local community involvement in implementation phase

ease of use for professional stakeholders

(dis)agreement on cost-benefit distribution

Public space, health, and 


NBS_website_MEL Layers copy 37.png

aesthetic perception of different stakeholders pre and post

no. of visitors interested in NbS


public transport links

conservation of built heritage resources

increased conciousness of citizenship

advantages for end users 

access to open space

residents affected by displacement


incident log

reduction in crime rate

bodily integrity: being able to move freely from place to place

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